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"Heaven and earth: they are not separate. The heavens, the stars, the planets are linked with us for our mutual love and understanding".


The Stars play a significant role in our awakening process and our upliftment into higher dimensions whilst here on Earth.


I've written three series of books linked with the Sun and Moon, and Dancing Stars and Moon Messages marks the end of a 13-year sequence for me. I've completed one aspect of my reason for being here, and I welcome the new work/play which is completely unknown to me as yet. I feel it will involve the books in some way.


In book 13 I discuss signs and symbols and numerology: particularly the numbers 12 and 13. I've explored Celtic, Norse, ancient Greek and Egyptian mythologies to seek out patterns enabling a deeper understanding of our relationship with the Sun, Moon and Stars. I embrace the all-powerful Knowing within you, dear reader.

Blessings xx.

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